Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Combat Action Training in Air Defence Operations

Locations where units of 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade armed with “Neva M1T” missile system are deployed, are the venue of training for professional members in handling, combat use and primary technical maintenance of the system.
The aim is to enhance the competence for the engagement in permanently deployed forces for the control and protection of airspace above the Republic of Serbia and the execution of air defence operation, while the focus is placed on practical training for commanding officers and professional soldiers who have recently taken over their duties in the unit.

In line with the training programme, the content encompasses all elements relating to the tactics of the use and maintenance of the system, with the focus on the preparation and execution of firing in keeping with stipulated standards and norms.

The conduct of this training, which is carried out daily in the units with monitoring and evaluation of the crews’ work, ensures a high level of capabilities for the engagement in Air Defence system, together with other forces of the Serbian Armed Forces, and for the air defence provided for the forces, important facilities and areas against attacks form the air.
The 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, which is responsible for fire power within Air Defence system, is armed with a wide range of air defence systems, from modern “FK-3”, and “Pantsir” to systems “Neva “ and “Kub” that have been modernised, so their integration and capabilities for synchronised action are of paramount significance for the efficient control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.