Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Selective training for admission to Special Force units completed

Selective training within the second phase of admission of candidates to Special Force units under Project 5000 has been completed with a 72-kilometer march.
  The general objective of this ten-week training is to select disciplined, highly motivated and psychophysically fit candidates for admission to Special Force units of the Serbian Armed Forces and to involve them in the further training process. The specific objective is to evaluate and improve their military skills and physical abilities, as well as to develop their team spirit and ability to carry out assignments in the conditions of increased physical and mental strain.
During the march, which constituted the final elimination phase of selective training, the candidates’ ability to carry out tactical and fire missions, both individually and as part of a team, were checked and evaluated, as well as their skills in navigating unfamiliar terrain using a map and overcoming natural and artificial obstacles.
  The candidates’ performance was monitored and rated by a team of instructors from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade and Special-Purpose MP Detachment “Kobre”.
The best candidates were given the opportunity to enter professional military service by joining these units, where they will receive further training in carrying out complex and psychophysically challenging tasks. This week, they will sign six-month fixed-term employment contracts, with rather large salaries, with the possibility of contract extension for a period of up to three years and its subsequent renewal.