Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

72nd Special Operations Brigade Day

A military ceremony was held in the Rastko Nemanjić Barracks in Pančevo today to mark the 72nd Special Operations Brigade Day, which is celebrated on January 27 in memory of the first successfully completed combat task.  
In front of the brigade members standing in formation, messages were read congratulating them on their anniversary, past year’s work results were summarized and awards were presented to the most deserving individuals, after which wreaths were laid in the brigade’s memorial room.

In the overview of results achieved by the brigade over the past year, which was characterized by the further strengthening of the unit’s capabilities, primarily through Project 5000 and continued equipping with modern weapons and military equipment – it was emphasized that the members of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade had successfully completed all assigned tasks, demonstrating top training, high morale and great professionalism.   
The ceremony was attended by heads of directorates of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, former brigade commanders, representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, Serbian Orthodox Church, local self-government bodies, Ministry of the Interior, veterans’ associations and institutions collaborating with the brigade.

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade also celebrated the unit’s patron saint, Saint Sava, the first Serbian archbishop.