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Graduation ceremony for Military Grammar School’s 46th Class

A graduation ceremony for the Military Grammar School’s 46th Class was held today at the Military Academy.
  The ceremony was attended by Assistant Minister for Human Resources Katarina Tomašević, Head of the Personnel Department, Human Resources Sector, Colonel Zlatko Mišić, Vice Rector of the Defence University Colonel Boban Đorović, PhD, Commandant of the Military Academy Colonel Srđan Blagojević, PhD, and, on behalf of the "Lieutenant Borko Nikitović" Foundation, Nebojša Nikitović, the brother of Lieutenant Nikitović after whom the best student in class award was named.
Traditionally, the best students in class were announced. Among 63 graduates in the 46th Class, the awards were presented to Predrag Đuričić, for best individual achievement, and to Radmila Tubić and Danilo Marjanović.
  Addressing the gathering, the Commandant of the Military Academy, Colonel Blagojević, congratulated everyone on their success.

- Everything I want to tell you, I will tell you on the parade ground, when you put on your uniforms and military boots. I hope you have a good long rest, and share the joy with your loved ones - said Colonel Blagojević, wishing the graduates a successful continuation of their schooling.

Afterwards, the Commandant of the Military Academy presented a wristwatch with dedication to the best student in the 46th Class, Predrag Đuričić. As the top-ranked student, he was also awarded the annual “Lieutenant Borko Nikitović” Award for outstanding achievement, which has been traditionally awarded since 1993.

Head of the Military Grammar School, Captain Miroslav Ćitić, also addressed the graduates and guests at today's ceremony, saying that he was proud of this generation and their achievement.
  - The 46th Class have spent four years at this school working hard, following the curriculum, passing an intensive selection process, because out of the 75 students we admitted into school in 2018, only the most diligent and persistent persevered to the end. These young people before us are the future of the Serbian Armed Forces. They inherit the knowledge of famous Serbian military leaders and teachers of the Military Grammar School, who dare and can do everything that the Military Academy and their homeland Serbia ask of them - said Captain Ćitić.
He also said that the 46th Class had achieved a high GPA of 3.98.
  Delivering his address on behalf of the 46th Class, the most successful student, Predrag Đuričić, said that he would have fond memories of the Military Grammar School.
- We will take with us the treasures we have found here, acquaintances and friends for life. Most of us will continue along this path we chose at the age of 15, ready for new challenges and experiences - said the best student in the class, Predrag Đuričić.

The Military Grammar School students have performed a rich program as part of the ceremony.