Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Stefanović Met Norwegian Delegation

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD talked with Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway Jørn Eugen Gjelstad and Director of the Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector with the seat in Oslo, Per Christensen, about the opportunities for the enhancement of defence cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Stefanović estimated that the bilateral relations between our countries are characterised by a positive trend and that accordingly, the cooperation between two ministries of defence is carried out at a high level. He reminded that the Kingdom of Norway is one of the greatest donors to the Ministry of Defence and underlined that it provided particularly significant expert and financial support in the areas of military education and military medicine.

Ambassador Gjelstad expressed his satisfaction with the projects and activities that had been carried out until that moment and he expressed his readiness to exchange experience regarding the recruiting system, having in mind the current deliberation considering the reintroduction of mandatory conscription in Serbia, which already exists in Norway.

Also, at today’s meeting, the interlocutors considered the possibility of the implementation of the project “Enhancement of the function of human resources management in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces” since Norwegian side is interested in providing its support for the project.

Minister Stefanović expressed his satisfaction with the announced official visit from the Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway to Serbia in the beginning of the next year, as well as his readiness for the enhancement of military economic cooperation between the two countries.