Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

EU's support for demining and UXO disposal

The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces will take part in the European Union project, which aims to build Serbia’s capabilities in the field of demining and unexploded ordnance disposal.

As part of the project, a joint aerial reconnaissance was conducted of locations on the territory of the municipality of Bujanovac that need demining, which will be carried out by the Demining Centre, as planned. The Chief of the Operations Department (J-3), Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Major General Želimir Glišović, the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, H.E. Sam Fabrizi, and the Director of the Demining Centre, Bojan Glamočlija, took part in the aerial reconnaissance in a Serbian Armed Forces helicopter.
  The project is implemented within the framework of cooperation with the European Union on human rights, democracy and peace, and by participating in it, the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, together with the Demining Centre, build the necessary operational capabilities and demining and UXO disposal capacity in conformity with the highest international standards and contribute to the development of human rights.

The European Union provides funding, modern work and protective equipment and assistance in training and professional development for demining operations.

In this way, the Serbian Armed Forces help create conditions for the removal of threats to life and health of the citizens of Serbia, the protection of the environment and the safe use of publicly and privately-owned land.