Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New Hangars to House Military Aircraft

The situation in the Air Force has been improved through investment in betterment of financial status of the pilots and airmen primarily through increased salaries, and continuous process of training and professional advancement, procurement of modern aircraft and assets, investments in construction of new infrastructure and renovation of the existing infrastructure on military airfields.
Concurrently with procurement of new aircraft such as planes MiG-29, helicopters Mi-35, Mi-17 and H-145M, a lot of attention has been paid to provision of appropriate conditions for their housing and maintenance.
  Construction of hangars with battery station at the military airfield “Sergeant Pilot Mihajlo Petrović” in Niš, though planned as a three-year-long project from 2018 to 2020, was completed before the deadline in 2019.
Apart from housing the helicopters H-145M and Mi-35, the hangar is intended for maintenance of the aircraft and it will create high quality conditions for work, space for tolls and materials storing. Immediately next to the hangar, a battery station was constructed, connected to the hangar with a tied canopy, containing space for examination and repair of batteries with required accompanying equipment of materiel that are on the airfield.
Ongoing works on construction of a hangar to house plane MiG-29 which would be on duty within the AD system of AF and AD at the military airfield “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica, are in the final phase. That will create conditions for housing of the plane, and the time required for the preparation of the aircraft will be reduced which would result in less strain on the personnel. Also, the impact of weather will be reduced to minimum.
Apart from the new hangar, the military airfield in Batajnica 21 year after being bombarded during NATO aggression, has been equipped with modern light signalisation on the runway No.1, which ensures its safe usage in night and poor visibility conditions. The works are being continued on the runway No.2, and on reconstruction of water infrastructure on that airfield.
Current infrastructure investments in civilian-military airport “Morava” near Kraljevo include reconstruction of reinforced concrete shelters for aircraft, while the runway reconstruction has been completed as well as the construction of light signalisation system.
The Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces will continue investing in development of Air Force and Air Defence, and take care of all resources in their possession, since only strong Serbian Armed Forces are the guarantor of peace and stability to all the citizens of Serbia.