Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Mi-17B5 Helicopters Have Strengthened our Air Forces

The Air Force and Air Defence are significantly stronger than in the previous period, which was particularly contributed by procurement of new aircraft. They include five medium-sized transport helicopters Mi-17B5 from the Russian Federation, which were introduced to arms and military equipment of the Serbian Armed Forces with a built-in weapon system and additional equipment. 

Helicopter Mi-17B5 is intended for realization of numerous tasks such as tactical air transport of people and assets, performing medical transport, helicopter landing operations and fire support. All procured helicopters can be used for search and rescue service, both in combat and peacetime operations.

For the purpose of engagement in search and rescue operations, they are equipped with side crane with lift capability of up to 300 kilograms.
The Mi-17B5 helicopter can transport 32 passengers or 24 solders with full equipment, and it can transport 12 wounded persons on stretchers. Also, it is capable of carrying up to 1.500 kilograms of ordnance.

Maximum speed of the helicopter is 250 kilometres per hour, while the flight range is 950 kilometres. Its load capacity amounts to 4,000 kilograms and it can be used for fire fighting purposes with a bucket with 4,000 litres capacity. The maximum operational height of the Mi-17B5 helicopter is 6,000 meters. 

A particular attention is given to training of pilots and technicians who have successfully completed basic and advanced training in the Russian Federation.
Along with equipment of the Air Forces and Air Defence and creation of opportunities for the work on the state-of-the-art assets, the financial status of pilots and airmen of the Serbian Armed Forces has been improved by increasing salaries, thus equalizing them with the salaries of pilots in the Ministry of Interior.  Faster advancement in service is enabled, due to better defined formation elements for pilots and technicians.

The procurement of the new aircraft enabled the pilots to have a multiply increased number of flight hours and all the necessary conditions for their professional development. Pilots and airmen of the Serbian Armed Forces have received the state-of-the-art flying equipment – flight overalls, boots, gloves, active underwear and new pilots’ hat.

Owing to measures of state and military leadership passed in the last three years, the operational capabilities of the Air Forces and Air Defence as well as capabilities of Serbian Armed Forces have been significantly enhanced.