Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Intensifying cooperation with Italy

Acting Assistant Minister for Defence Policy Milan Mojsilović received a delegation of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Italy, paying a visit to the Republic of Serbia for holding bilateral defence consultations.
Both sides concluded that the close and friendly relations of the two countries are also confirmed in the field of defence. Acting Assistant Minister Mojsilović assessed that high-level meetings give a special quality to cooperation and conveyed the expectation that such a practice will continue this year as well. The results of the ministerial meetings in the previous period, the two meetings of the Chiefs of Staff, as well as the visits of the Army Commander and Air Force and Air Defence Commander have had a positive impact on the quality of cooperation.
In the talks of the delegations of the two ministries of defence, it was noted that the cooperation in the field of defence was meaningful and intensive. They expressed commitment to intensify cooperation in the areas of mutual interest, education and training in the military-to-military domain and in military medicine, but also to look at the possibilities and modalities for the promotion of military-economic and military-technical cooperation.
The crown of cooperation between the two armies is joint participation in multinational operations, especially joint engagement in the UN mission in Lebanon.
At the end of the meeting they agreed on the 2018 Programme for Bilateral Military Cooperation and signed it.