Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin in the Army Command

Minister of Defence AleksandarVulin, accompanied by Chief of General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković and Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, visited today the Army Command and Command of Joint Forces Command in Niš.
After the visit, Minister Vulin pointed out that the Army is not only the most numerous segment of our armed forces, but it certainly is the most glorious part of our armed forces, and it makes the essence and core of each armed forces.
- Its tasks are complex; its tasks are very often different to the tasks of other armies that exist in the region, since nobody has as much security challenges as Serbia does, nor the obligations that Serbian Army fulfils. Upon the order of the Supreme Commander, Ministry has already started the work on passing the entire set of measures that will significantly improve and better the economic position of all members of our military. We are strengthening our military, we are equipping it with the state-of-art weapons, we are overhauling what we have, but all of that is not enough and it will not be successful unless we have satisfied, trained soldiers, unless we have secure members of the Serbian Armed Forces, sure of their state and their military, sure that their families are well and satisfied – Minister Vulin emphasised adding that it was precisely for that reason he would very soon step out with concrete proposals regarding how and in what manner the economic position of our soldiers will be improved thus fulfilling the order of the Supreme Commander.
Asked to comment on today’s meeting in the Army Command, General Diković stressed that the members of Serbian Armed Forces are ready to respond to all challenges.
- This is not a sentence which should reassure or satisfy someone; it is primarily a product of constant monitoring of the situation, exchange of information and taking adequate measures for the protection of security of the Republic of Serbia – General Diković concluded.
During the visit to the Army Command, the Commander, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović informed Minister Vulin about the organisation, resources, deployment and main tasks and underlined that the operational capabilities of the largest arm of our military enable discharging all assigned tasks.
During the visit to the Command of Joint Military and Police Force for securing the state border, the Commander, Colonel Vladeta Baltić informed Minister Vulin about the situation in the area of responsibility and added that the Force he commands successfully execute their tasks.