Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Ceremony on the Occasion of Establishing the 1st Logistics Centre

On the occasion of establishing the 1st Logistics Centre of the Central Logistics Base, today a ceremony took place in barracks “Kneževac” in Belgrade. The ceremony was attended by the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubiša Diković and the members of the extended Board of the Chief of General Staff.
General Diković congratulated the present on the establishment of the 1st Logistics Centre and wished them success in their work.
- By establishing logistics centres we wish to join and unify all the available capacities related to logistic support and to create more efficient units and components in order to more easily discharge numerous tasks thus rendering the realisation of the tasks more efficient. That is our goal, said the Chief of the General Staff.
The Commander of the Central Logistic Base, Brigadier General Petar Latković emphasised that the Centre had started its work in full capacity on 12th June and that it consisted of human and material resources from disbanded units of 4th Storage Battalion, 5th Logistics Battalion and 1st Collecting and Selling Centre of the Central Logistic Base, along with reassigning a part of logistic capacities of the Guard.
According to the Commander of the First Logistic Centre, Colonel Tomislav Alimpić, “one of the greatest executing logistic units of the Serbian Armed Forces has been established”.
- All the functions of logistic support have been placed under one umbrella. The number of administrative bodies has been reduced and the number of executive ones has been increased. The command has been unified, the flow of information shortened and the material movement has been made faster which all yielded positive results – Colonel Alimpić pointed out and added that the newly established unit “will be an anchor and worthy successor of logistic units and provide support to the units of Serbian Armed Forces in building their operational capabilities”.