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26 Jul 2019
The Ministry of Defense has received the recommendations of the OmbudsmanZoran Pašalić regarding the settlement of the status of residents of the abandoned “Bristol”hotel and has already taken action in accordance ...
25 Jul 2019
Today, at about 13.30 hours, a private transport company coach with 23 members of the 21st Army Battalion turned over from so far unknown reasons, on the way back from their regular task in the ...
18 Jul 2019
During regular flight training and exercises “off-airport landing” Ho-42 helicopter from 98 Airborne Brigade of the Air Force and Air Defense was damaged, around 19:10, in the region of the village of ...
12 Jul 2019
In relation to media allegations regarding the action of the Head of Delegation of the Republic of Serbia Brigadier General Predrag Bandić who is at the same time the Head of Delegation of the ...
18 Maj 2019
Today, all 11 users of accommodation in former “Bristol” Hotel visited, together with the Ombudsman Zoran Pašalić and representatives of the Ministry of Defence, temporary accommodation flats received from the ...