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18 Oct 2019
In the wake of yet another political and malicious attack on the “Krušik” enterprise with the sole purpose of disturbing the public, the “Krušik” workers and ...
17 Oct 2019
The Serbian Military Syndicate once again promulgates untruth at the expense of the Ministry of Defense, arbitrarily and without providing the actual proof.
10 Oct 2019
While carrying out regular duties in the Land Security Zone, on 8 October in the wider area of Lukovska Banja the Serbian Armed Forces Patrol observed several persons illegally cutting the forest and ...
09 Sep 2019
Concerned for the health of the persons still staying at “Bristol”, the Ministry of Defense formed an on-call medical team that visits them regularly twice a day.
Since the ...
26 Jul 2019
The Ministry of Defense has received the recommendations of the OmbudsmanZoran Pašalić regarding the settlement of the status of residents of the abandoned “Bristol”hotel and has ...