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05 Jul 2021
The Ministry of Defence announces that the attempts to politicise the death of a member of Serbian Armed Forces, Master Sergeant Dejan Stojković, by certain politicians, who were joined today by President of ...
25 Jun 2021
Today, a First Army Brigade member, Corporal Dejan Petrov, passed away in General Hospital in Pančevo after he had become unwell while discharging his guard and security duty.
24 Jun 2021
During the execution of planned exercise on temporary training area “Pešter”, Master Sergeant Dejan Stojković, member of the Second Army Brigade, while being engaged as a crew member of an armoured combat vehicle, ...
21 Apr 2021
A member of the 63rd Parachute Brigade, O.T., lost his life today around 4.30 p.m. while performing a parachute jump.
17 Feb 2021