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15 Dec 2021
Reaction of Bojana Jelovac, Media Adviser to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović:
15 Dec 2021
For the purpose of objective information of the public, the Ministry of Defence states that daily paper “Danas” published completely false information provided by self-proclaimed experts ...
19 Aug 2021
Today, D.N. (48), a non-commissioned officer in the Serbian Armed Forces, committed suicide by hanging in the “Dedinje” barracks in Belgrade.
06 Aug 2021
A Serbian Armed Forces patrol from the Mrča base in the Ground Safety Zone noticed a group of about 12 people in the illegal act of logging in the Ugljarski Krš region, near the administrative ...
05 Jul 2021
The Ministry of Defence announces that the attempts to politicise the death of a member of Serbian Armed Forces, Master Sergeant Dejan Stojković, by certain politicians, who were joined today by ...