Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Impressive results of the reserve element in training and marksmanship

Reserve members of the mechanized battalion of Backa brigade conducted combined engaging targets from the coupled machine gun and 20mm cannon on infantry fighting vehicle M-80 in Oresac tank gunnery automated shooting range.

Assessing the results achieved, Brigadier General Jelesije Radivojevic, Deputy Commander of the Training Command, stressed the great importance of exercise and shooting, not only for professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces, but also for members of the reserve units, which for a long time have not conducted similar activity.

- After several days that the reservists spent in the barracks, conducting intensive training, we can say that we in the Training Command are satisfied with their efforts. Although they all have completed military service once, it has been a long time since they wore uniforms. Even though they were very successful at the shooting by personal automatic weapons, they refreshed the firing with rifle grenades, mortar and bassoon.

General Radivojevic stressed the importance of the reserve element of the Serbian Armed Forces and pointed out that:

- It has been only one year since the formation of these reserve elements that we managed to conduct this important activity and check their qualification for shooting, the most complex part of the training – General Radivojevic said.

Major Dejan Stolic, Commander of the mechanized battalion of Backa brigade, said that the reserve members of the mechanized company who conducted squad live firing proved that during the short-term intensive training they qualified for executing such a complex task as combined shooting at "Number 2" is.

- What we were impressed with from the start of the exercise is the devotion of all members of the battalion and their motivation to implement even the most complex operations. Nothing was difficult for them; they very quickly remembered all tactical actions specific to the most important specialties, such as a gunner and driver of IFV. Shooting a pistol was carried out for a B grade, and similar score was achieved during the implementation of other military activities, such as masking, drill and tactical actions of individuals, groups and teams – Major Stolic said.

Reservists Istvanovic Damir, Rudinski Mladen, Remes Damir and Sadovic Kristijan stated in unison that their participation in the exercise was very important experience, and that today's shooting has been the best part of the training.

On the Danube near Begec, training of the reserve element of the Second Pontoneer Battalion of the River Flotilla is underway. During the training, commanded by Captain Marko Radojcic, pontooneer company leader, themes of individual and collective specialist training of pontooneer specialties were conducted – for operators of pontoons, outboard motor and drivers/operators.

Although all of the soldiers from the reserve element have served military service in pontooneer units, they are for the first time participating in this kind of training and a military exercise.

- Members of the reserve element were of younger age, have a very good knowledge acquired during serving the military service and are extremely motivated to work. It can be seen how, almost routinely, they are carrying out, in the middle of the river, disassembly of a 80 tonnes scaffolding structure capacity on the two, and vice versa. Our pontooneer unit can fully count on its reservists – Captain Radojcic says.