Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

State Secretary Zoran Djordjevic met with Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

State Secretary Zoran Djordjevic met today with Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Lieutenant-General Mark Schissler. The meeting was also attended by Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic.

During the meeting they exchanged opinions on the political and security situation in the region and the world, cooperation between Serbia and NATO, as well as on the cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR.

The meeting highlighted the importance and the leadership role of Serbia in the Balkan region as a result of the position, built capacities and capabilities, and military neutrality and good relations and readiness for cooperation with the East and the West.

State Secretary stressed that the cooperation of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces with NATO under the auspices of the "Partnership for Peace" Programme is at the highest level since the beginning of the engagement of the Republic of Serbia in this programme, which for our country is the optimal framework of cooperation with NATO. A special quality to the cooperation between the two sides is given by a more intense dialogue at the highest level, which has been witnessed by a number of meetings between officials of our country and the Alliance, including the recent visit of the Secretary General of NATO. Maintaining this kind of dialogue expresses a clear intention to approach all matters of common interest on the foundation of partnership and transparent relationship.

Both sides agreed that, in the future, focus will be placed on the cooperation in the field of conducting exercises, training and education, as well as the exchange of experiences from participation in multinational operations, which involve a significant number of members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

At the meeting, it was stressed that cooperation between the security forces of the Republic of Serbia and KFOR contributes to the maintenance of peace and security in Kosovo and Metohija, and that KFOR, as the most responsible factor for maintaining security in Kosovo and Metohija, and the only partner of the Serbian Armed Forces in securing the administrative line, cannot transfer responsibility to any other institution or organization.