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Agreement on cooperation between the Ministries of Defence and Economy

At the Serbian State Lottery, Ministers Bratislav Gasic and Zeljko Sertic signed today the agreement on business technical cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Economy which regulates rights and obligations in the field of development and implementation of a new informational business system of the Serbian State Lottery.

After the signing, State Secretary of the Ministry of Finances Nenad Mijailovic handed over to Director of the Military Technical Institute Colonel Zoran Rajic the Resolution on authority for testing and controlling technical and functional characteristics of gaming devices and controlling the fulfillment of technical and functional characteristics of printers for tickets for organizing certain games of chance – booking.

Commenting the importance of cooperation between the two institutions, Minister Gasic stressed that, in the past period, intellectual potential of the Armed Forces of Serbia has stood out, and that the Military Technical Institute is one of the carriers of its modernization and the keeper of its intellectual treasure.

- I am glad that, even with all the pressures, MTI received the certificate from the Ministry of Economy for dealing with this business. The security aspect of everything that goes with lottery is not insignificant, either – Minister Gasic stressed, adding that national intelligence has connected with national institutions, which keeps the money in Serbia, and MTI will invest that money into new development projects.

According to Minister Sertic, this will enable the informational systems to actively support development of new programs at the Lottery, while the previous system only enabled several most elementary activities. As he stated, this will create conditions for the Lottery’s work to come to a much higher level, and so will the revenues.

As Colonel Rajic stressed, the agreement confirms that MTI has the knowledge, experience and capacities not only applicable in the field of defence technologies, but in the civilian sector, as well.

State Lottery Director Aleksandar Vulovic stressed that the Serbian Government has thus responded well to the future business strategy proposed by the Lottery to its resource Ministry.

Based on this Agreement, a contract will also be signed on business technical cooperation between the State Lottery and Military Technical Institute which will regulate the steps, manner, procedure and details concerning development and implementation of new informational technologies, safety and security protocols in the informational system for games of chance, all in accordance with international standards for this field. In February, the Military Technical Institute from Belgrade received the Resolution to conduct testing of fulfillment of informational characteristics of the equipment the organizer of games of chance over means of electronic communication must have on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Answering press inquiry about preparations for the military parade, Minister Gasic said that drone aircrafts and other means of the Military Technical Institute will also be displayed at the parade.


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