Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Gašić visits 4th Army Brigade

Minister of Defence Bratislav Gašić visited today members of the Fourth Army Brigade at First Infantry Regiment of Prince Miloš the Great barracks in Vranje.
Minister Gašić was welcomed by the Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović, and Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, and he was briefed about the state of affairs and principal tasks in the upcoming period by the commander of the Fourth Army Brigade, Colonel Siniša Nikolić.

During the tour, Minister Gašić was shown some of the newly introduced and modernized weapons and military equipment, such as LAZAR-3 and MRAP armoured combat vehicles, digitized 128 mm М-17 Oganj self-propelled multiple rocket launchers, high mobility HUMMER vehicles, as well as Kornet anti-tank systems and light four wheelers (quads).
- The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces will continue to make efforts to equip the Fourth Army Brigade, and other SAF units, with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment and thus provide them with better conditions for carrying out tasks assigned to them by the state and military leaderships – said the minister of defence.  

Minister Gašić commended members of the Fourth Army Brigade for carrying out their tasks along the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and in the Ground Safety Zone professionally, responsibly and successfully, despite all the challenges they faced and reminded them that the brigade members had always been the first ones to respond to emergencies, whether to assist flood-stricken citizens, or to clear snow-covered roads or supply people with water.
As part of today’s tour of the Fourth Army Brigade, Minister Gašić visited the unit’s memorial room dedicated to the rich military history of Vranje and the surrounding area, from the Serbo-Turkish wars to the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija and NATO aggression in 1999.
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