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MOD-SAF delegation attends ceremony to mark death anniversary of Second Lieutenant Leovac in Pljevlja

A delegation of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces visited the village of Tikova near Pljeva, Montenegro, today, to lay a wreath on the grave of Second Lieutenant Predrag Leovac, who died on this day in 1999 fighting against Albanian terrorists in Košare, Kosovo and Metohija.
  The delegation, led by Head of the Public Relations Department Brig. Gen. Asst. Prof. Mihailo Zogović, consisted of the Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Nebojša Nikolić, Nikola Banjac and Mile Rosić from the Office of the Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister, Second Lieutenant Saša Radojević, deputy commander of the Košare frontier post and fellow soldier, and Defence Attaché of the Republic of Serbia to Montenegro, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Tešić.
General Zogović conveyed to the Leovac family the greetings of Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and, on his behalf, presented a Gold Plaque of the Ministry of Defence to Milo, the father of the Košare hero, and a bayonet with an inscribed dedication to his brother Pavle.
  Today, we pay our respects to the Obilić of our time, Second Lieutenant Predrag Peđa Leovac, said General Zogović in his speech, a hero who sacrificed his life at the altar of his homeland and the altar of freedom of his people and joined the ranks of our immortal ancestors, the greatest Serbian heroes who fought for freedom. On this day 25 years ago, Peđa Leovac performed his military duty bravely and honourably at Košare, fighting like a knight and laying down his life to defend what is most sacred - his people and the land of his ancestors.
Members of the Leovac family, friends and citizens gathered in Pljevlja’s cultural centre "Predrag Peđa Leovac", comrades and representatives of the municipality of Pljevlja also laid wreaths on the grave of the Košare hero.

His comrades – members of the veterans’ association, presented an officer’s sabre to the Leovac family.
The Leovac family expressed their gratitude to everyone who keeps alive the memory of their son and his bravery and makes sure that his name is not forgotten.
Predrag (Milo) Leovac, second lieutenant of the Yugoslav Army, was born on December 20, 1975 in Pljevlja, Montenegro. He graduated from the Army Military Academy, becoming an infantry officer. During the armed conflict in Kosovo and Metohija, Second Lieutenant Leovac was part of the 53rd Border Battalion, serving as a platoon commander. He died fighting against Albanian terrorists on April 14, 1999, in the area of ​​the village of Košare near Đakovica. He was awarded the Order of Merit 1st Class for meritorious service in the fields of defence and security. The street in Pljevlja where the Leovac family lives is named after Predrag Peđa Leovac.
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The ceremony to mark the death anniversary of Second Lieutenant Leovac in Pljevlja