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President Vučić attends ceremony marking Special Purpose MP Detachment “Kobre” Day

The President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, attended a military ceremony to mark the Special Purpose MP Detachment "Kobre" Day at the "Vasa Čarapić" barracks in Belgrade, today. On this occasion, he handed over the Detachment flag to the unit commander, Colonel Darko Đosić.
  The ceremony was attended by Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Milan Mojsilović.
Addressing the audience, President Vučić said that it was a great honour for him to attend the ceremony and to able to award the unit with the Detachment flag, which they had earned through professionalism, discipline, diligence, dedication, but above all, through their love for their homeland.
  - I told Colonel Đošić that neither this flag nor an inch of our land must ever fall into the hands of an enemy. You and other units of the Serbian Armed Forces are the best guarantee that this will not happen. Today, it is not easy to be a member of the armed forces, a member of “Kobre”, the ones who are silent but fierce, who say little but do a lot. It is not easy, because our country, which is neither guilty nor responsible, is in the midst of a geopolitical whirlwind and is pressed harder than ever by many who would like to dismember our territory, by those who would like to find the culprits for their own mistakes in Serbia - said the President of the Republic. Things will not get any easier, he added, and that is why it is necessary to strengthen our armed forces, to invest immensely in the protection of our sovereignty, because that is the only way to deter the ones who wish to destroy Serbia. According to him, they have got us into a corner and we need to protect what we have - our homeland, our Serbia, which is why we must work harder.
The unsuitable buildings in the "Vasa Čarapić" barracks, which have housed “Kobre” since their formation 46 years ago, will soon be replaced by a new home, the President of Serbia said.
  - The soldiers in our country will have higher salaries, you will be able to support your families, to guarantee their safety, but you are required to answer every call of your homeland. And the word "difficult" must not be spoken, I won’t hear that word. In December 2022, when we expected an attack on our people in Kosovo and Metohija and when we required that each of our soldiers be engaged, "Kobre" was the only unit in Serbia that responded 100%. Thank you for always being ready to be the first line of defence of the motherland and for putting your lives at its service. We will do our best for you not to have to do that in the future, but you know very well what your calling is and what you have to do if your homeland calls you - said President Vučić.
The President of the Republic also said that in the forthcoming days he would fight using all political means to preserve the image and reputation of Serbia and expressed his pride in "our wonderful red, blue and white tricolor, which no one will ever be able to take away from us and which we will never give to anyone".
  - We will not let them characterize the Serbian people as the worst people in the world. We politicians will do our best to do our job. And as a small country, we will stand up to the world’s greatest powers and to those who even yesterday reproached us for doing so. We do it because honour has no price, because Serbia is not for sale, because we love our homeland more than anything. That is why we will stand up to all of you who think that you have the right to break our homeland into pieces, to change history and to characterize the long-suffering Serbian people as genocidal. No matter how you present it, no matter how naive you pretend to be in your presentation - said the President of the Republic.
President Vučić thanked "Kobre" for being serious and responsible, as well as attentive and diligent in their work, for doing their best, and asked them to always be at the service of their only homeland, Serbia.
- Thank you very much for always showing love to our country. Congratulations on your unit flag. Carry it with pride and never hand it over to anyone. Long live Kobre! Long live the Serbian Armed Forces! Long live Serbia - the President of the Republic said in conclusion.
  The next to address the audience was the commander of “Kobre”, Colonel Đošić. According to him, thanks to the state leadership, the Serbian Armed Forces have modern weapons and equipment at their disposal after 30 years. Great care is taken to ensure the economic security of the personnel through housing programmes and high incomes, he said.
- Thank you for restoring dignity to the Serbian Armed Forces. The past 46 years of the unit's existence have been filled with outstanding professional achievements, and our respect for military honour and duty has made us the pride and joy of the armed forces and the citizens of Serbia. I would like to recognize all unit members for their efforts, work, professionalism and sacrifice. We have performed tasks abroad, we were not bypassed by the 1990s wars, we have represented our armed forces and country at the most important competitions at home and abroad, we have won numerous recognitions and awards, we have received the country’s highest decorations. Our veterans, who have been part of the unit all these years and who still stand with us today, have contributed a lot to building the unit’s reputation. You will always be an integral part of our unit - said Colonel Đošić. According to him, the unit was reinforced last year with new members, civilians who joined it for the first time, and who are the promise of a future and a guarantee of the unit's survival.
  According to him, the name is a sign and our names determine our personalities, so being a member of "Kobre" (cobras) is a privilege of the chosen ones.
- Therefore, we have a huge responsibility in fulfilling the most important task – ensuring the security of Serbia and all its citizens. By wearing the uniform with the insignia of "Kobre", we put at the service of our country, without a second thought, the most valuable thing we have, our life. After 46 years, we have been given the greatest of all honours, the most sacred thing for the military, our own unit flag. It reminds us of the oath we have sworn to Serbia and as of today, we will take it everywhere with us. By being awarded the flag, we get the status we deserve and this solemn act becomes a historic day for our detachment. I am certain that we will continue to be determined, honourable, responsible and worthy of the sacred flag given to us today - said Colonel Đošić.
The ceremony was attended by Serbian government ministers, MPs, members of the Defence Minister’s and the Chief of the General Staff’s respective offices, representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, religious communities and veterans of the "Kobre" Detachment.
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