Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Foot march with members of MP Detachment Kobre

Today, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Milan Mojsilović took part in a 20km foot march alongside members of the Special Purpose Military Police Detachment “Kobre”, who completed it as part of their regular activities.
  The tactical scenario for the march included trekking across unfamiliar terrain in the greater Belgrade area with the aim of improving the unit members’ overall physical fitness, i.e. their ability to combat fatigue and work for longer periods of time with undiminished efficiency when carrying out the assigned missions and tasks.
General Mojsilović expressed delight at taking part in the early morning activity with “Kobre” members, emphasizing that soldiers’ physical fitness is extremely important for an efficient execution of tasks in peace and war, given that soldiers who are in better physical condition cope with strain more easily and suffer injuries less frequently when navigating different types of terrain and obstacles.
  SAF units regularly go on marches in all conditions, utilizing natural obstacles to the maximum. Fighting off fatigue on long-distance marches helps them build up their physical endurance, morale and willpower.