Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Military Schools Pupils and Cadets Mark Statehood Day

Today, pupils of the Military Grammar School and Military Vocational High School “1300 Corporals” and cadets of the Military Academy and Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy observed the Statehood Day by visiting Orašac and appropriate celebration carried out on the Kopaonik.

Today, the delegation of the Military Academy and military high schools headed by the Head of the Military Academy Prof. Colonel Srđan Blagojević, Commander of Cadet Brigade Colonel Milan Končar and Head of the Military Grammar School Colonel Blagoje Đačić, attended the Central state ceremony of marking the Statehood Day held in Orašac, and on that occasion visited Marićević Ravine and the Museum of the First Serbian Uprising.

- Apart from high quality instruction carried out in military schools, we dedicate special attention to fostering tradition and the knowledge of our glorious history. That is why it is important to observe the Statehood Day, here, on one of historically most significant places for our fatherland, on Candlemas, the date on which the First Serbian Uprising started. On this day, we remember the history and pay honours to glorious ancestors and we teach future officers and non-commissioned officers educated at military schools to walk bravely through life and their military careers, and act in a way that will make them worthy of their ancestors - Colonel Blagojević stated.

During the tour of historical landmarks, with interesting stories told by the guides, the cadets and their commanders familiarised themselves with the Serbia from the beginning of 19th century, the life and work of Karađorđe Petrović, great battles that had taken place then, and the organisation of the military of that period. In that way, they refreshed their already acquired and gained new knowledge.

Second grade pupils of the Military Grammar School and Military Vocational High School “1300 Corporals” and second year cadets of the Medical Faculty of MMA are currently undergoing winter training at 51st Ski training ground on Kopaonik Mountain, where they organised an appropriate celebration.

Two important events in Serbian history took place on this date. Today, on Candlemas, we celebrate the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia, the day when the First Serbian Uprising started and when the first Serbian Constitution was adopted. They completed the carefully presented story about glorious Serbian history with cultural and artistic performance of our talented pupils. From the stage, which our creative pupils and cadets made out of snow, the verses written by our celebrated Serbian poets and music of our patriotic songs resounded.

The pupils of both military high schools attended the celebration with their class masters and commanders, while the cadets of MMA Medical Faculty attended with their commander, and with provisional command of 51st Ski training ground Kopaonik, ski instructors, representatives of Public Company “Ski tracks of Serbia”, National park “Kopaonik”, Mountain Rescue Service, police and fire stations “Kopaonik”.