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President Vučić Awards Candlemas Decoration in the Gallery of Central Military Club in Belgrade

Today, on the occasion of the Statehood Day, President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, presented decorations to deserving individuals and institutions at a ceremony held in the building of General Secretariat of the President of the Republic.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of Miloš Vučević and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović attended the decorations awarding ceremony.
On that occasion, the president of the Republic awarded the Candlemas Medal of the Second Degree to the Gallery of the Central Military Club in Belgrade of the Media Centre “Odbrana” of Public Relations Department for particular service to the Republic of Serbia and its citizens in the sphere of public and cultural work on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. President Vučić conferred the medal to Director of Media Centre “Odbrana” Colonel Biljana Pašić.

At the ceremony of awarding decorations to deserving individuals and institutions to mark the Statehood Day, the president of the Republic pointed out that we celebrated two most significant events in the process of founding Serbian state, stressing that people are what links them, without whose fervour and sacrifice nothing would have been possible.

- Today, 40 days after Christmas, we celebrate Candlemas, the most important date in religious, political, cultural and historical calendar of Serbia. For us, Candlemas is marked in red ink. We started, made and completed many things on Candlemas. The loudest and clearest message sent from Marićević Ravine was that taxes could be paid no more, and that people could no longer suffer the terror and injustice - president Vučić underlined addressing the present.

He stated that we marked two most significant events of the foundation of modern Serbian state the first one being the liberation revolution, and the second was the organisation of the state.

- At that, both events are closely connected, interdependent, and they are mutually conditioned. Today, before I present the recognitions, I will point to the link between them that I deem to be the most significant. That link are the people, those who had the strength to deliver both great tasks, even at the price of their own sacrifice. Their dreams were so great that they had to be realised - said the president of Serbia.

President Vučić underlined that at present Serbia was nothing else but the reflection of that fire that had burnt in those people.

- History is quite clear there. We can imagine anything, and plan and calculate to the smallest detail, but without people, without that fervour that can only exist in them, and without their readiness, strength, and faith, no job can be completed, not even started in the right way - President Vučić stressed adding that “today, in not so easy times, we require Karađorđe’s courage, his strength and perseverance, as well as Miloš’s wisdom, astuteness and patience, and we need to preserve peace, and be wise, but there is one thing that is priceless, and that is the freedom of Serbia”.

The president of the Republic stressed that it was always good for Serbia to choose the path of freedom, because the Serbs do not like to be anyone’s slaves. He stressed that those who galvanised Serbian rebels made the state in the shadow of three great empires: Turkey, Austria-Hungary and Russia.

- The people who rather waged war than paid taxes, who resisted to any kind of organisation apart from the organisation of their own houses. That could be hardly sustained and resolved by any other than that cunning, illiterate, swine trader Miloš Obrenović - said President Vučić pointing out that Miloš Obrenović had built Serbia in every way possibly, working firstly on its autonomy and later building it as an independent state.

The president of Serbia stressed that importance should not be given to the fact that Candlemas Constitution had lasted but several weeks before it was abolished due to the pressure of great powers, because it had laid foundation, and everything else that was added later was merely a superstructure that we are constructing even today.

- That is why, esteemed laureates, when you receive this recognition, it is important that you and all other know, that this recognition is awarded to the people who continue that important work, the work of the great. It is rewarded for every step, such as the step Karađorđe took for Serbia - President Vučić stated.

On that occasion, he asked future laureates to continue following the same steps having in mind that the most important principles had been defined centuries before, and they were known to both Karađorđe and Miloš Obrenović.

- We have to pay attention to relations with people, to preserve the old, accepting the new, to develop the country, grow economically, and to preserve peace not conceding our armed forces, or our sky or our land. We should never allow anyone take our red-blue-white flag, for it is a symbol of all our victories, and it is the symbol of our freedom - the president of Serbia stressed.

Director of Media Centre Colonel Pašić underlined that it was a great honour for the Gallery of the Central Military Club to win Candlemas Medal on the occasion of its seven decades of existence and work.

- This is an opportunity to look back with great respect for all those who have contributed to cherishing such tradition. This recognition motivates us all to continue our work even harder, more energetically and more responsibly mindful of the power of culture to connect people and enrich their lives - Colonel Pašić stated.

President of Provincial Government Igor Mirović and academician Bela Baling addressed the present and gave a speech.

By a decree of the president of the Republic, the highest state decorations were awarded to individuals, institutions and associations in the field of culture, medicine, economy, sport, diplomacy, science, art...
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