Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Army Units Combat Training

Members of a part of Army infantry and armoured units have conducted regular field combat training on the training ground “Pasuljanske livade”.

The training is organised with a view of enhancing the level of competence for the combat use of key armament of these units, and for joint action of forces at tactical level while executing Serbian Armed Forces operations.

During several-day long field activities, the trainees practised defensive and offensive actions and procedures, with live firing execution. They engaged from tanks, combat infantry vehicles, anti-armour launching weapons, armoured-reconnaissance vehicles and multi-purpose combat vehicles used in infantry and reconnaissance units.

Throughout the entire training, tactical and firing competence was tested and evaluated, and the effect of the engagement against targets was monitored in real time using modern devices for ground and air observation and data gathering.

Successful conduct of the training has enhanced the competence of the training participants, and this was at the same time an opportunity to test support providing forces which ensured the continuity of signals system, transport and serviceability of materiel, and provided conditions for the accommodation and meals of the engaged personnel.