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Apply for aviation reserve officers’ course and become Serbian Armed Forces pilot

We remind all interested young men and women who would like to join the ranks of the Serbian Armed Forces and earn the title of pilot to apply for specialized aviation reserve officers’ course, which is open until March 31. Candidates who are no older than 27 by the end of 2024 and hold a bachelor’s degree from civilian faculties meet eligibility criteria to apply for the competition.
Second Lieutenant Milan Šarić, the first pilot to get to the rank of officer and pilot through this model, confirms that it is possible to make your dreams come true. According to him, it is a great privilege to work with the Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Armed Forces.
- With the help of older colleagues and flight instructors, you have the chance to reach the required level of training and knowledge. People often ask me how it all seems to me from where I stand now and whether it was worth it to first finish a civilian faculty and then embark on something new that I had wanted since childhood. My answer is – yes, it was worth it, the profession of a military pilot really is something special – says Second Lieutenant Šarić with undisguised satisfaction.
Candidates who meet the general conditions of the competition, pass medical, psychological and security assessments, and complete selective parachute and flight training, will have an opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence planes and helicopters.
Upon completion of a six-month training, the best candidates will get the chance to join the professional military service straightaway and continue their flight training as aviation officers. This year, candidates are given the option to apply to become remotely piloted aircraft pilots/operators, and these candidates do not have to undergo selective parachute and flight training.

Andrej Pešić from Trstenik, a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, who applied for the aviation reserve officers’ course last year, and is now undergoing basic flight training on the Gazelle helicopter, says that through persistence and dedication, wishes come true.
- I have wished to become a military pilot since I was a child, and in this way, I got the opportunity to make it happen - says Andrej Pešić.
Experienced flight instructors impart to their students the knowledge and skills that future pilots must possess in order to be able to perform their job in the best possible way. The role of flight instructors, they say, is to facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge, habits and skills necessary for safe piloting.
  In addition to a career with the Serbian Armed Forces, the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence offers young pilots the opportunity for continuous professional development.
Candidates can submit their applications at the Ministry of Defence centres, Post Office branches or at the eUprava portal. The competition is open until March 31, 2024 and all additional information on the competition criteria and application process can be obtained from the AF and AD Command in Zemun (1 Glavna Street) or via telephone at 011/3074-008 i 011/3074-027.

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