Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Training in Off-Road Driving in Peacekeeping Operations

Additional training for members of the Serbian Armed Forces in off-road motor vehicle driving in peacekeeping missions is currently taking place on training grounds of the Transport Service Training Battalion in Kraljevo and in its vicinity. 
The training is intended for officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians who are to be deployed to missions as drivers, staff officers and military observers.

In the first part of the training, they had theoretic instruction and driving training on public roads. Now, on special purpose training ground “Beranovac”, that was built in line with United Nations standards, and on the basis of experiences of members of the Serbian Armed Forces gained in peacekeeping operations, they are undergoing the most demanding segment of the training; to drive a vehicle in off-road conditions.

The aim is for them to acquire additional knowledge and skills for safe and secure driving of off-road vehicles along impassable terrain, and to be competent to maintain the vehicles and repair possible breaks, which will be of great importance during the performance of their tasks in the area of operation.
The additional training in off-road driving is a mandatory part of all-encompassing preparations of staff officers, military observers and military drivers, given that, due to the nature of tasks they perform in the missions, they will often be in a position to operate motor vehicles out of regular roads.