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Minister Vučević attends opening of restored Workers’ University building in Novi Sad

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević attended today the opening of the Vega IT Radnički building, the restored building of the former Worker’s University in Novi Sad.
Addressing those present, Minister Vučević said that anyone who had ever lived in Novi Sad must feel sadness over what had happened in the Workers’ University building. We must not forget Milica Prostran, he said, who was killed there in the terrible fire in April 2000, or other people injured in the fire. 

- We must not allow such things to ever happen again. Whether this building should have been restored earlier and faster is a question for all of us, but looking at it from a distance of several years, I can say that for some things to happen, it is necessary to create conditions and wait for more favourable circumstances. The right people must emerge and a better economic situation must be created that will lead to the restoration. Just as this building was once a symbol of industrialization, education, public and social life, so, I believe, this reconstructed, renovated, essentially - new building will be a symbol not only of a private company and an economic activity, but will have wider social significance - Minister Vučević said.

According to him, we are on the right path, we should always strive to be better, strive towards better quality, and this is the age of renewal and progress.
- Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in this project. I am very happy to have been a small link in this chain and to have proven that things can be fixed once you meet good people and create good circumstances - said the Minister of Defence.

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, said that the former Workers' University building was extremely important for the city, being one of the symbols of Novi Sad. He is proud, he said, to have been part of the team that, at the time the building was purchased, was led by the then mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, who "has shown, as always, that he has an idea, a plan and a vision and that he loves this city".
Vladan Ostojić, co-founder of Vega IT, the company that bought the Workers’ University building from the City of Novi Sad at a public auction at the end of 2020, said he was very pleased with the fact that the company had had the honour of restoring the building and added that after 23 years, it had once again become a symbol of learning and innovation in Novi Sad.
  Minister Vučević, Mayor Đurić and Ostojić visited the building’s ground and 13th floors to see how this 6,500 m2-space was organized and how the former Workers' University, one of the famous symbols of Novi Sad, was restored to its former glory.
Today's opening of the restored building was attended by the Head of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Cabinet, Žarko Mićin, and the co-founder of Vega IT, Saša Popović.
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