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Military Grammar School Day celebration

The Military Grammar School Day and 53rs anniversary of that educational institution have been officially marked today in the cinema hall of that institution. The celebration was attended by Head of the Military Academy Associate Professor Colonel Srđan Blagojević.
The Military Grammar School Day was congratulated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović, and Rector of the University of Defence Brigadier General Professor Boban Đorović.

In his address, Head of the Military Grammar School, Navy Captain Miroslav Ćitić spoke about the history of that school stressing that it was founded back in 1970 with the view of “raising, educating and motivating the cadre for the continuation of their education in military academies”.
- Today, we are witnessing 53rd anniversary of the existence of this military educational institution which has always been recognised as the first link of the military education chain. Our unity and understanding are based primarily on historical traditions, and our students are our best ambassadors. Over the previous year, they represented us in the most beautiful light at all levels of competitions - said Navy Captain Ćitić.

He underlined that the Military Grammar School is “a place where from one starts the path of joining the ranks of Military Academy cadets”.
- The desks of the Military Grammar School are taken by the chosen ones, who fought for those places and earned it honourably. The honour is our guide, and we strive to build it from the very first day in the system of our education, since the youth and future officers of the Serbian Armed Forces grow up on the foundations of this establishment - the Head of Military Grammar School emphasised.

At today’s ceremony, scroll of honour were presented to deserving individuals for their contribution to the work of the Military Grammar School, and commendations and rewards were conferred to the best students.
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The ceremony