Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Training for Staff Officers in Peacekeeping Operations

In previous three weeks, an international course was held in the “South” Base near Bujanovac for United Nations staff officers, which was attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior and armed forces from eight foreign countries.

The course was organised by the Peacekeeping Operations Centre of the Operations Directorate of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, and in the course of three weeks, the attenders of the training were trained for the work on staff duties in peacekeeping operations in accordance with United Nations procedures and standards.

The training programme is modelled in such a way to encompass basic aspects of integrated UN missions functioning, familiarisation with planning process in the military component of a mission, staff functions and procedures, while a significant part of the course was dedicated to the analysis of experience gained through the participation in current peacekeeping operations. 

Since 2015, the Peacekeeping Operations Centre has been certified to carry out this course in line with United Nations standards and procedures. A great international interest in the participation in the course is the confirmation of the quality of training, and it is the preparation conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces for the needs of the participation in peacekeeping operations.