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Opening of Exhibition “Šumanović and Bosilj: From Poetic Realism to Symbolic Naive Art”

Exhibition “Šumanović and Bosil: From poetic realism to symbolic naive art” has been officially opened today in the Gallery of the Central Military Club in Belgrade.

Opening the exhibition, Head of the Public Relations Department Colonel Mihailo Zogović PhD reminded that over previous decades, the gallery of the “Warriors’ Club” proudly presented, in other formats, the works of those authors who had crowned the Serbian art with world renown.

- The exhibition in front of us brings a new perspective of the creative work of the two artists, who, though belonging to different directions and styles, stand today one opposite the other, or, it is better to say, one next to the other. We are here, between them, as an unavoidable element of this unique trinity - to witness the true art in this edifice that cherishes the culture and tradition, being recognised as a fateful guardian of Serbian military ethos - Colonel Zogović stated.

On that occasion he expressed his satisfaction with the fact that in previous year, the Gallery of the Central Military Club had provided an opportunity to lovers of art to enjoy the works of art from everlasting artistic value of the greatest Serbian painters.

- The exhibition “From Poetic Realism to Symbolic Naive Art” connects the end of one with the beginning of the following year in the best possible manner, and we expect from the following year, and we will give our best, to make it abundant when it comes to such and similar events, which glorify the talent and timeless values and those layers of human existence - visible only to a sensitive, artistic eye. At the end, Vojislav Đurić said that Sava Šumanović had brought Parisian views to Šid, and Ilija Bosilj had spread the Šid views all over the world. We have brought to you all those views, as precious gifts, and presented them here in the Central Military Club - pointed out the Head of Public Relations Department and officially opened the exhibition.

The author, Ljubinka Pantić, stressed that the basic idea of the exhibition author had been to present Šid in the best light, and that it was precisely Sava Šumanović and Ilija Bosilj who were the most prominent when one spoke about this town.

The Director of the Painting Gallery “Sava Šumanović” Jovanka Lakić thanked the Ministry of Defence for the long-standing successful cooperation, and she stressed that the exhibition was special because it was the first time that two great artists, Šumanović and Bosilj, were presented together.

The set-up, which was created in close cooperation between the Media Centre “Odbrana” of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defence with the Painting Gallery “Sava Šumanović” and the Museum of Naive Art “Ilijanum”, consists of 38 selected works of art of Sava Šumanović complemented by documentary meaterial and 48 works of art of Ilija Bašičević Bosilj created in the period between 1957 and 1970.

The exhibition authors, Ljubinka Pantić from the Painting Gallery “Sava Šumanović” and Radovan Sremac from the Museum of Naive Art “Ilijanum”, presented the works of those artists in the context of the geographical origin where they had lived and created, thus offering to Belgrade audience a unique artistic experience and an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the cultural heritage of Šid.

The visitors of the Gallery of the Central Military Club in Belgrade will have the opportunity to enjoy in the selection of works of the two artists from Šid until 31st January 2023, and to attend guided tours provided by the authors, which are to be organised on 10th and 24th December and 21st and 28th January at 13.00 hours.
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