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Celebration of Arm Day of Artillery Missile Units

Today, at a celebration of marking the Arm Day of Air Defence Artillery Missile Units organised in the barracks “Banjica”, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD said that we are proud of our history and that we cherish our tradition. He said that he is particularly pleased because our units can boast of new systems such as FK-3 and “Pantsir” today.

Congratulating the holiday, he reminded of the beginning of the glorious history of our artillery men.

- Back in 1915, something happened that went down in history, not only of our Air Force and Air Defence but of the entire world. “My hand was shaking because I knew I mustn’t miss”, these are the words of Radoje Raka Ljutovac, who gunned down an aeroplane above Kragujevac on that 30th September. Today in the line, I heard and saw some of you who have fired the missiles from the latest systems of our air defence. Your hand must not shake because you defend the sky of our fatherland. We consider you, the men in this line, and everyone in the system of our defence, to be a shield which protects the country against every challenge that we can face.

The minister of defence reminded that with their feats, members of our artillery-missile units have shown to the world what Serbia is.

- The artillery men have always defended the sky above our fatherland, not flinching from that task regardless of the force they were up against, not being discouraged for a moment by far greater power of their enemies. Quite the contrary, they were resolute, superhumanly brave, and resourceful. Their feats showed to the entire world what Serbia is, what it is made of, and how willing and skilful it is in defending its own. We are proud of our history, but I am particularly proud because, apart from cherishing our tradition, we really do try to build a better future for our people. Today, our Artillery-Missile Units can boast of new systems, such as FK-3 and “Pantsir” and all systems that you have been carefully maintaining such as “Kub” and “Neva”, said Minister Stefanović.

Investment in the Serbian Armed Forces, as Minister Stefanović said, will be continued in the upcoming period.

 - What I want to say is that today, Serbia is very proud to have you, but we are also proud because we, headed by President Vučić, can say that we will continue investing in our armed forces, both in our industry and in systems that we procure from abroad. We want to equip our units and we want our soldiers, non-commissioned officers, and officers to be equipped not only with courage, heart and strength, but with modern systems, which they will use not only to defend the sky of our fatherland, but prevent anyone of even thinking of threatening the security and safety of Serbia and its people - said Minister Stefanović.
The minister of defence said that there is no task that our artillery men will find difficult to execute to defend our country.

 - I wish to thank you once again for being always there for Serbia, for your people, because I know that there is no task that you will find difficult to execute to defend our country. I once again sincerely extend my greetings on the Day of your Arm, and wish you and your families all the best. Long live Serbian Armed Forces, long live Serbia- Minister Stefanović exclaimed.

At today’s celebration, Minister Stefanović presented stimulative measures to the deserving individuals, and the celebration was marked by the march past of the units. On the Day of AD AMU, Minister Stefanović laid a wreath at the monument dedicated to perished members of the AD AMU Arm. A wreath was also laid by a delegation of the Air Force and Air Defence led by AF and AD Commander Lieutenant General Duško Žarković, as well as former commanders of the units.
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