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Minister Stefanović attends “OPEN FLY IN 2022“ Air Festival in Ćuprija

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, has attended the "OPEN FLY IN 2022" Air Festival in Ćuprija today. This is the first time the Serbian Armed Forces have participated in the festival. Minister Stefanović reminded that events like this popularize career as a pilot and invited young people to apply for competitions and join the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence.
  Minister Stefanović expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to attend today’s air festival.

- I am glad that the event is taking place in Ćuprija and I am also glad that festivals like this have started relocating from the usual two or three cities to other venues, so that they can be attended by as many people as possible throughout Serbia. I spoke with our Air Force members and they greatly appreciate the good cooperation with "Ćuprija" Aero Club, which is a really good neighbour since its airport is near our "Pasuljanske Livade" Training Ground. This great team of people, headed by Goran Stojković, has done a really great thing by restoring and preserving the tradition of this aero club established in 1929. I want to thank them for the invitation to join them today and to congratulate them on this important anniversary - a decade since the club started working again - said Minister Stefanović.
  Speaking about our Air Force, the Minister of Defence invited all young people to apply for our competitions and join the Serbian Armed Forces.

- Our Air Force and Air Defence units are currently among the best-equipped units in our region, and here you can see our newest H-145M helicopter. And that is just one of the symbols of what Serbia is doing today. Nowadays, Serbia has the strength to provide its military with new equipment, new technology, but the key thing is the people. And I am glad that through events like this we can popularize the military profession, above all the pilot profession. That is the most important thing for us and I will take this opportunity to invite young people to apply for one of our competitions for the Aviation Reserve Officers Course and Air Force and Air Defence NCO Course. They will have the opportunity to learn from the best, to work with the best equipment and technology, and most importantly, they will have the opportunity to serve their country - said Minister Stefanović.
  At the end of his address, Minister Stefanović wished everyone a great time at today’s air festival in Ćuprija.
- I wish a lot of success to the pilots who will soar into the sky in their ultralight aircraft, and I hope the citizens who are here today will enjoy all the charms of aviation demonstrated at today's "OPEN FLY IN" - said Minister Stefanović.
The president of "Ćuprija" Aero Club, Goran Stojković, addressed the gathered aviation fans, reminding them of the aero club’s tenth anniversary and thanked all the pilots participating in the festival with their aircraft.

- I hope that in the future we will work even harder to develop and educate young pilots, who are future members of the military and police units, and I hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful story - said Stojković.
  The president of the Aeronautical Union of Serbia Labud Bulatović thanked Minister Stefanović for everything he and the Serbian Armed Forces were doing for air sports and aviation.
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