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Specialist physical examinations for military retirees begin

As instructed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, a one-week campaign aiming to provide specialist physical examinations to military retirees has begun at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade and military hospitals in Novi Sad and Niš. Ex-service members will be able to undergo heart tests without waiting in queues, and eye tests will also be available at the Military Medical Academy.  
  The military retirees, who have been examined today, expressed their satisfaction with this campaign, co-organized by the Military Health Department and veterans associations through which applications for medical checkups can be made.

– I am very satisfied, I was immediately informed that I can come and have a physical examination. My blood pressure is good, the ECG is excellent, my eyesight has slightly deteriorated, but, well, I am not so young anymore - says Radomir Popović with a smile on his face.
  According to the Head of the Treatment Department (Treatment Sector, Military Medical Academy), Colonel Nemanja Borovčanin, MD, the plan is to perform 30 examinations per day at the military hospitals in Novi Sad and Niš, and 40 heart and eye tests at the Military Medical Academy.
- The turnout has been good so far, and I believe these checkups mean a lot to our military retirees. For example, we have already diagnosed elevated intraocular pressure in one of the patients, which he wasn’t even aware of until now - says Borovčanin.
  A cardiologist at the Clinic for Emergency and Internal Medicine, Military Medical Academy, Dr. Milena Pandrc, says that these examinations are very important because they ensure prevention, and if a disease is identified, patients can immediately be given adequate therapy.

We remind military retirees that they can apply for specialist heart tests at the military hospitals in Niš and Novi Sad, or heart and eye tests at the Military Medical Academy, every working day from 9 to 12 a.m. by contacting the Serbian Veterans Association on 011/3228-076 or Military Health Department on 011/3608-466.
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