Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Air Force and Air Defence NCO training

This month, Air Force and Air Defence NCO Course participants (3rd class), who successfully completed the selection process in a public competition in February this year, are undergoing training at the Training Command units.
  The course, which lasts for six months, consists of four modules after which course participants will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and become professional SAF members.
The first two modules, during which course participants acquire necessary knowledge of basic military duties and develop leadership skills for commanding squads, are carried out at "Sergeant Milunka Savić" NCO Training Centre. Future NCOs will then be referred to specialist training in the AF and AD Training Centre to receive practical training in handling the branch/service-specific assets.
  The last training phase takes place in SAF units where candidates undergo job-specific training for aviation ordnance persons, aircraft maintenance technicians and radar and missile systems operators, preparing themselves for their NCO duties in the Air Force and Air Defence.