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Minister Stefanović: A duty bequeathed to us by Putik is to preserve our homeland with determination, fearlessness and thinking ahead

On the occasion of the 105th anniversary of Radomir Putnik's death, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, has said that Radomir Putnik, one of the greatest names in Serbian military history, is still a role model for Serbian soldiers who are faithfully serving our only homeland.
  The Minister of Defence has also noted that a memorial room dedicated to Radomir Putnik has been recently opened at the Military Academy, so that future generations of Serbian officers would never forget the heroes, the great men that built our army.
"He led the Serbian army in some of the most uncertain times in Serbian history, won many battles for our people in the Balkan Wars and the First World War, fighting against far superior enemies. Besides being famous for his courage, he went down in history as one of the greatest military leaders and an exceptional strategist. Even as a second lieutenant, this creator of the modern Serbian army wrote army training manuals and taught soldiers how to carry out tactical mission tasks. A duty bequeathed to the Serbian Armed Forces by Putik is to preserve our homeland with determination, fearlessness and thinking ahead,” said Minister Stefanović.

According to the Minister, it is important to preserve Putnik's legacy for future generations, so last summer, our National Defence School was named after the famous Serbian military leader, and a memorial room dedicated to him was recently opened at the Military Academy.
  "It contains Putnik's personal belongings, which were donated to us by his great-grandson Zoran Ivković, who also donated his famous ancestor’s belongings to the Military Museum. He thought that it was not only his, but the legacy bequeathed to the entire Serbian nation," said Minister Stefanović.
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Radomir Putnik's Memorial Room