Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Applications underway for voluntary military service

The Ministry of Defence invites young men and women who are interested in joining the Serbian Armed Forces and doing a six-month voluntary military service under arms to apply for the upcoming June intake.
  All able-bodied citizens of Serbia who turn 19 to 30 in 2022 and have not performed their military service under arms before are eligible to apply.
Besides getting the opportunity to expand their knowledge, acquire new skills and get acquainted with modern weapons and military equipment, soldiers performing their voluntary military service will also receive a monthly pay amounting to approximately 38,000 dinars.

Applications for voluntary military service can be submitted in all post office branches, on the e-government portal, and in the Ministry of Defence Centres - former recruitment offices. Those who wish to become professional soldiers will be able to do so under the accelerated procedure and sign contracts immediately after the completion of voluntary service.
  Detailed information about the competition and application methods is available at the following link: .
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