Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Specialist training for artillery soldiers

Specialist training for artillery soldiers serving in the Army Training Centre is underway in the "General Pavle Jurišić Šturm" barracks in Požarevac.  After successfully completing individual basic training, soldiers who are sent to the Centre are trained as operators of 128 mm M77 "Oganj" self-propelled multiple rocket launchers and 152 mm M84 "Nora" gun howitzers. The goal is to train them to perform combat tasks independently or as part of a crew and deploy proper tactics and procedures during live fire drills using these artillery systems.
The training program includes instruction on artillery weapons and equipment, artillery tactics and weapons training, and special attention is paid to activities and procedures during gun emplacement, proper firing elements calculation and the work of crews after issuing a fire order.  At the end of the specialist phase of soldier training, soldiers’ ability to perform tasks within their military occupational specialty is tested, followed by collective training and active involvement in the life and work of the Serbian Armed Forces units until the end of their military service.