Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Military volunteers undergo sniper training

Individual specialist training for military volunteers assigned to sniper positions is underway at the Army Training Centre in Požarevac.
During the six-week training course in the barracks and on the training grounds, the soldiers are mainly trained for the execution of specific combat tasks and handling the 7.9 mm M76 semi-automatic sniper rifle and the 12.7 mm M93 long-range rifle.  Great attention is paid to tactical and firearms training and getting acquainted with infantry weapons and military equipment. Proper camouflaging using handy and standard items, movement on the battlefield, selection and setting up a sniper hide, determining targets to be engaged and execution of fire missions are the most important elements to be learned by the soldiers during the sniper training.
Stationary camp awaits them, where they will be trained in the field for the execution of a wide range of tasks and do a lot of firing practice, thus improving and perfecting their precision and efficiency. The best among them will be offered positions as professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces, for which soldiers can apply while still performing their voluntary military service.