Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Stefanović with Members of 310th Air Defence Self-Propelled Missile Battalion

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD visited members of 310th Air Defence Self-Propelled Missile Battalion who are engaged in the vicinity of Kragujevac within forces that are permanently on duty for the control and protection of air space of Serbia. On this occasion he announced the procurement of new assets for these units and stated that it is important for the citizens of Serbia to know that their armed forces are there for them each moment and that we will not allow anything to threaten the Serbian sky even for one moment.

Minister Stefanović was welcomed by Commander of Air Force and Air Defence Lieutenant General Duško Žarković and Commander of 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade General Tiosav Janković. Following the briefing given by the Commander of 250th Missile Brigade about the use and tasks of the unit, Minister Stefanović talked to members of on duty unit and attended a demonstration of combat activities of and Air Defence self-propelled missile battery.

After touring the missile position of the unit which is within on-duty system, the minister of defence underlined that the members of the unit take care of our sky twenty four hour a day.

- These boys and girls from Air Defence are ready in the shortest time possible engage any target of an aggressor. Today, I have had an opportunity to see a demonstration of the transition of the battery into the first degree of readiness and I saw how ready they are to protect the sky of our beloved Serbia. I am glad that here in Kragujevac, we are getting ready to receive potential new equipment that is soon to arrive in Serbia and I am glad that our Air Force and Air Defence are getting developed day after day, and each day they become more capable than the day before to protect our sky, and our country against any air activity – Minister Stefanović stated.

Minister highlighted that our defence system carefully keeps track of the capabilities developed by armed forces of the world.

- We keep tracks of developments as a world trend, of drone capabilities, the capabilities of new aircraft, missiles and other assets and we wish that our Serbia procures new equipment and new arms, and also to be ready to face all challenges through the modernisation of what already exists in our country. It is very important for us that the citizens of Serbia know that their armed forces are with them each moment, and that we are ready, that we keep track of what is going on and that we will not allow even for a moment the sky of Serbia, and of course the entire Serbia to be threatened – Minister Stefanović said.  

He also pointed out that we are grateful to President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić for having enabled us to receive more money for the system of defence.

- I am glad that apart from the new eight per cent increase in salaries for our members, construction of flats and investments in equipment, we can think about new possibilities to improve the standard of living of our soldiers. I would like to send them a message that their state takes care of them, and that we think all the time about how to enhance their status and provide them the state-of-the-art arms and equipment, because they truly are the pride of our country – Minister Stefanović stated.
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