Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Rotation of Contingent of Serbian Armed Forces in Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon

Yesterday, members of the Serbian Armed Forces, who were deployed since May this year within Provisional forces of the United Nations in Lebanon, returned to their country after a successful participation in this peacekeeping mission.

In previous six months, the contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces, consisting of an infantry company of the First Army Brigade, staff officers and members of national support element, executed all assigned tasks in line with the mission mandate and worthily represented the Republic of Serbia.

Previously, a new contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces, 22nd in a row, was deployed to Lebanon and in next six months it will be engaged in the area of operation “East” within the Spanish contingent.

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces started their participation in this peacekeeping mission on 21st December 2010. Apart from the infantry company, which performs its tasks within the Spanish battalion, staff officers and national support element in the sector “East”, the Serbian Armed Forces deploy to this mission a force protection platoon in the framework of an Italian contingent in the sector “West”.