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Scientific Gathering “Kosovo and Metohija – Security Challenge and/or Prospects for the Republic of Serbia

Today, in the Guard Club on Topčider, the Institute for Strategic Research of the University of Defence organised a scientific gathering titled “Kosovo and Metohija – Security challenge and/or prospects for the Republic of Serbia”. The underlying idea of the gathering was the analysis of security challenges and possible perspectives of Kosovo-Metohija problem as a key issue of the national security of the Republic of Serbia.

Today’s activity was attended by Assistant Minister of Defence for Defence Policy Mr Predrag Bandić, Dean of the University of Defence Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović PhD, Head of the Military Academy Colonel Srđan Blagojević PhD, Head of National Defence School Colonel Mićo Suvajac, representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Serbian Armed Forces, University of Defence, scientific institutes, universities and other members of academic community from the country and abroad.

Opening the gathering, Dean of the University of Defence pointed out that the solution to the “Kosovo issue” represents the most significant component of maintaining and strengthening national-territorial integrity of Serbia and stability in the area.

- The “Kosovo issue” has been attracting particular attention of the Serbian state ever since the Congress of Berlin and the creation of Prizren League, only to gain a vital importance for the survival of the Republic of Serbia at the time of the second Yugoslavia. As a cultural and spiritual stronghold of the Serbian people and state, Kosovo and Metohija represents a security problem of the highest degree with which the Republic of Serbia currently faces. The pronounced aggressiveness that characterises the activities of the Provisional Institutions of Priština, especially threatening the existence of Serbian population and their cultural and spiritual heritage in these parts are the threats of the highest degree to the national security of the Republic of Serbia – General Radovanović stated.

After the Dean of the University of Defence, Director of the Institute for Strategic Research Prof Jovanka Šaranović addressed the audience, stressing that the issue of Kosovo and Metohija has constantly been the focus of the research attention of the Institute, which is expected from this kind of institution.

- The current aspects of the crisis in Kosovo and Metohija from 1998, the Genesis of the conflicts in K&M from 2004, Analysis of the crisis and proposed strategy of the Republic of Serbia for the resolution of the status of K&M from 2004, are the projects that have been carried out so far in the Institute on Kosovo and Metohija crisis. Apart from them, the Institute devoted its attention to this problem by organising or participating in different scientific gatherings – Šaranović pointed out.

Presenting the conclusions, Prof Šaranović underlined that the presentations given that day surely provided a new perspective of the problem of Kosovo and Metohija and that different ideas, presented at the gathering, undoubtedly represented a contribution to strategic deliberation on possible modalities of resolving this issue.

The topicality of the issue, the response of numerous speakers and guests and the content of the submitted work, made a basis for a fruitful debate led in three panels: “Prospects of Kosovo-Metohija security: geopolitical aspects”, then “Identity conflicts: causes, comparative analysis and possible solutions” and the last one: “Strategy and soft power in Kosovo-Metohija security paradigm”.
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