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Minister Stefanović: We want to be EU member state in order to achieve the standards and a better quality of life for our citizens

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, said today at a press conference in Budva that it is important for Serbia and other Western Balkans countries to become EU member states in order to achieve the standards that guarantee a better quality of life for the citizens.   

In Budva, Minister Stefanović participated in the Ministerial Round Table on the Position of Women in the Armed Forces in the Western Balkans.

– As far as the Republic of Serbia is concerned, regional cooperation is very important for us and we strive hard to establish communication and cooperation with all countries in the region in the interest of our armed forces and our countries. The gender equality issue does not play a minor, but an important role in that process. Women must be a significant part of our defence systems and their participation must not be formal and a matter of mere statistics, but essential – said the Minister.

He thanked the UNDP for organizing the round table and for everything they have done to raise awareness about gender equality.

– What we all have in common is the desire to be members of the European Union, not because we want another flag waving behind us, but to be able to achieve standards that guarantee a better quality of life for the citizens of our countries. We share European values ​​and our nations want to be part of the European Union, and that is why we must accelerate the reform process - said Stefanović.

The meeting, attended by Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, reviewed the current situation, as well as modalities for strengthening regional cooperation in the field of gender equality, and representatives of the participating countries signed a Ministerial Declaration on Support for Gender Equality in Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans, agreeing to collaborate on specific activities and projects of common interest related to promoting diversity and the principles of gender equality.

Minister Stefanović expressed gratitude to Slovakia and Norway for the overall support they provide to our country, but also for the round table on gender equality. He also expressed his expectation that measurable and visible progress will be achieved in the coming year, which the participants of this round table will be able to recognize and support.
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Minister Stefanovic's statement