Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Project management training organized by Ministry of Defence and OSCE

The Ministry of Defence and the OSCE Mission to Serbia have organized a three-day training entitled "Preparation of Project Proposals Based on the Project Life Cycle Methodology" for ten members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.  The aim of the course is to improve the knowledge and skills of defence personnel in project management and applying for programmes and funding financed by international organizations, such as UN, EU, OSCE, and other individual countries or groups of donor countries.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defence, the training was opened by the Director of the Defense Policy Sector’s European Integration and Project Management Directorate, Colonel Robert Kordik. He emphasized the importance of practical cooperation with the OSCE Mission for increasing the capacity of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces for planning and designing quality projects and successfully applying for funding.

Colonel Kordik also said that the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have increased their involvement in projects in various fields this year, and that this training develops professional abilities of personnel in a timely manner. He thanked the OSCE Mission for its support and expressed his belief that successful cooperation will continue.  On behalf of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Senior Security Co-operation Advisor Dmitrii Pankratov greeted the participants and confirmed the importance of cooperation with the Republic of Serbia, emphasizing cooperation in the security sector, referring back to examples of successful cooperation so far.

The course was taught by Radmila Miković, PhD, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Project and Innovation Management and business consultant on numerous projects.