Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Memorandum of Understanding Signed between Ministries of Defence of Serbia and Spain

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD met National Armament Director of the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Spain Admiral Santiago Ramón González Gómez. On that occasion, an Agreement was signed between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Spain on Cooperation in the field of industry, armament and equipment that will enable the intensification of military technical and defence industry cooperation.

Minister Stefanović extended welcome to the Spanish delegation that had visited the Exhibition “Partner 2021” today. He pointed out that the visit from the Spanish delegation, led by Admiral Gómez, was a good way to continue the cooperation and everything that had been initiated regarding concrete projects in military technical domain during the visit of a delegation from our Ministry of Defence to that country.

- The relations between Spain and Serbia are outstanding and I wish to express gratitude to the Kingdom of Spain for the support it has been rendering to the Republic of Serbia, and on their principled position of honouring and supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia, and for the efforts that our two ministries and our institutions have been making to strengthen our military and military technical cooperation. Our Exhibition is a good opportunity for us to discuss concrete projects that can help us improve the future steps within our cooperation, especially when it comes to artillery munitions, when it comes to rocket fuel, when it comes to modern and future technologies that can make our armed forces more efficient, so that our project are concrete that would provide benefit to both Serbia and Spain – Minister Stefanović stated.  

The minister thanked Admiral Gómez for having been an extraordinary host during his visit to Spain, and he also thanked him because he will as the head of his country’s delegation visit the stands of Serbian defence industry.

- Of course, we had opportunities to talk about concrete actions, about joint investment in projects that will hopefully, in the years to come, bring great benefit for the future of our country. Today, we signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which is an umbrella agreement. This important Memorandum will ensure that our cooperation becomes more intensive in the period to come. We have agreed concrete steps. We also expect the signing of a contract on the procurement of two transport aeroplanes C-295, which will be bought by Serbia from Spain, more precisely the Airbus, and, of course, we expect the procurement of a larger number of helicopters H-145M – Stefanović underlined.

According to him, this is a cooperation that will be beneficial for both countries.

- I believe that these activities and the activities that are yet to be undertaken in this and the years to follow, will prove that our national industry, the industry of the Republic of Serbia has the right partner and that it will bring benefit to our country and our hard workers as well – the minister concluded.

National Armament Director of the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Spain Admiral Santiago Ramón González Gómez pointed out that the attendance at the Exhibition “Partner 2021” represented both honour and satisfaction, and explained that it was an opportunity to observe the capacities of Serbian defence industry.

The signed Memorandum represents the cornerstone that will advance the future cooperation between Serbia and Spain – Admiral Gómez stressed and added that the Exhibition “Partner 2021” represented an excellent opportunity for defence industries of both countries.

Admiral Gómez promised that his country would make effort to fulfil everything that had been promised regarding the procurement of the aircraft. According to him, it will be true evidence that the two countries indeed cooperate in the right way.
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