Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Stefanović Invited the Young to Apply for Scholarships

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD invited today the young to apply for the competition of the Ministry of Defence for student scholarships, which, as he said, was a really good opportunity for them to receive a financial support during their education, and to secure a job after its completion.

“We have opened a competition for the total of 42 scholarships for the students of pharmacy, electronics, electrical engineering, machine engineering, computer and chemical engineering, construction, mathematics and other fields of studies. The scholarships amount to between 35,000 to 50,000 dinars per month, which, according to my belief, will assist every young person in terms of gaining their independence” stated Minister Stefanović.

He explained that upon completion of their education and training, 15 of them will become officers of the Serbian Armed Forces with working places all over Serbia, while 27 of them will get jobs in the Military Technical Institute and Technical Overhaul Facility “Kragujevac”.

“I wish to call upon the young people to decide to apply for the competition and to build their future in our armed forces and our Serbia. We have made effort to show them that we truly believe in the youth of Serbia, their knowledge, skills and values, and that we appreciate the effort of the young and that we are willing to invest in their future” the minister stated.

As he said, he had had an opportunity in the previous period to talk to those who had already become the beneficiaries of the scholarships, and with those who had already started working in the Ministry and Serbian Armed Forces.

“I am extremely proud of them because they are patriots, energetic and stout-hearted people, who love their armed forces and fatherland, who are keen on strengthening and building their country. I expect that owing to this Competition as well, new young people will come to our armed forces and our Ministry and help us with their vast knowledge and work, in our fight for a strong Serbia, so that we can make a new step forward” Stanković stated.

To remind you, the competition for the scholarships was opened on 29th October, and all information necessary to submit the application are given on the Ministry of Defence site,
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