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President Vučić: Serbia does not accept the policy of fait accompli

The President of Serbia and the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, chaired today's special session of the National Security Council, to discuss the crisis situation in Kosovo and Metohija. After the session, the President said that Serbia would continue to insist on preserving peace and stability, but also maximum security of the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija.
  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, who is also the Secretary of the Council, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović and other members of the National Security Council also attended the session held at the Palace of Serbia.

- We talked about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, especially after the criminal act committed by the Pristina regime and the sixth incursion into the north of Kosovo and Metohija, using armoured personnel carriers, rifles, harassing the local population, without informing the mayors of four municipalities. We analyzed the situation and came to the following conclusions. Serbia will continue to insist on preserving peace and stability, but also maximum security of the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija. We consider inappropriate statements equating Belgrade and Pristina and blaming both sides. Serbia is always ready to continue the dialogue in Brussels, but it will not accept solutions imposed by unilateral, criminal acts - President Vučić emphasized.
  The President of Serbia says that after yesterday's and today's talks with the representatives of the most powerful Western countries he rejected the proposal offering the so-called compromise solution, because it would humiliate the Republic of Serbia. He was given the consent of the National Security Council for that decision.

He says that the only solution is what the National Security Council demands, and that is the withdrawal of all troops from the north of Kosovo and Metohija, a return to the previous situation, and only then going to talks in Brussels.

- As for everything else, we are always ready to talk, but there is another condition that the National Security Council specifies. We are demanding an urgent answer from the European Union, is there a Brussels Agreement in legal transactions, or not, and when will the Union of Serbian Municipalities be formed? We will demand answers to those questions over the next month and we will finally see whether we will get them or not. Their silence and failure to give us the answers will be a clear sign that the Brussels Agreement no longer exists and that they do not want the Union of Serbian Municipalities to be formed. Well, that’s something, but at least we will know that this agreement does not exist - the President of Serbia says, adding that the essence of the Brussels Agreement was the formation of the Union of Serbian Municipalities.
President Vučić called on the EU, Great Britain and the United States to influence Pristina to immediately overturn the illegal conviction against Ivan Todosijević, a conviction contrary to the Brussels Agreement, which, he believes, could be the reason for a great crisis.

- Pristina does not allow a different opinion, believing that only its opinion is correct, but to put it all aside, they directly violated the Brussels Agreement. According to the Brussels agreement, there had to be two Serbs and one Albanian in the Council of Judges. Such a council has never been formed. They know that. Either they will reverse that judgment, or we are right to think that Pristina has the support for driving out Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian families, and for everything else. Depending on that, we will react accordingly - said President Vučić.
In accordance with the Brussels Agreement, President Vučić also demanded an urgent issuance of licenses to two Serbian companies for the supply, distribution and sale of electricity, and told the people of Kosovo and Metohija that they would be supplied with basic foodstuffs during the crisis in the north of the province.
  - There were many proposals for additional measures to be adopted in order to protect the interests of the Republic of Serbia. We will review them over the next few days and then announce them. We want to show goodwill. We also want to give some time to some people in Pristina to change their bad decisions. If they refuse to do so, we will take measures to protect the interests of the Republic of Serbia, and I have informed members of the Quint and the EU representatives about that. Serbia will not accept the policy of fait accompli and the fact that someone's criminal act can be provided with legitimacy. You can do whatever you want with violence, but Serbia will not put its seal on that. NATO must react to physical violence against the Serbian population, and if it does not, I have already said that there will be no pogrom against our population as in 2004 and operations Storm and Flash will not take place again - said President Vučić.

President Vučić also said that the National Security Council reviewed the situation in the Serbian Armed Forces and the police and determined what needs to be done in order to further strengthen the capacities in the coming period and to deter any potential aggressions or threats to our country even more effectively. He is also satisfied with the combat readiness, morale and motivation of the personnel, and announced that the armed forces and police will get significant amount of equipment and weapons, which had already been agreed upon.
- So I rejected the proposal because I am fed up with the policy of fait accompli and because you cannot talk to Serbia like that. Nobody in Serbia will agree to Pristina’s villainous, criminal tricks anymore. Our decision was to tell them, "Please, do whatever you want, but you are doing it by force." And you cannot get Serbia’s consent to that," said President Vučić.
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