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Live fire tactical exercise “Joint Strike 2020“ successfully executed

Members of the Fourth Army Brigade successfully executed the live fire tactical exercise “Joint Strike 2020“ at the “Pasuljanske livade“ military complex today.
Commander of the Fourth Army Brigade, Colonel Novica Petrović emphasized that part of the Fourth Army Brigade’s infantry, artillery, armoured and mechanized units had been carrying out tactical drills, tactical exercises and live fire tactical exercises.

- By conducting these exercises here at the training ground, we wanted to achieve the goal of increasing the usability of our units and enhancing their combat readiness in order to be able to respond to mission-specific tasks assigned to the units – emphasized Colonel Petrović.

He expressed his satisfaction with the work of all members of the Fourth Brigade and the effort they had put in performing this exercise.

- I am particularly satisfied with the execution of fire missions and firing practices carried out as part of live fire tactical exercises – emphasized Colonel Petrović.

According to him, in addition to regular tasks performed by members of the Fourth Brigade in the Ground Safety Zone, their focus was on training so that they could be ready for attaining all goals and using their units. During the execution of all activities, Colonel Petrović concluded, all health measureswere taken in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Commander of the 46th Armoured Battalion, Major Ljubiša Micić, pointed out that range practices, live firing practices, tactical exercises, tactical drills and live fire tactical exercise were carried out at the “Pasuljanske livade“ training ground.

- A live fire tactical exercise has been conducted today – a tank company augmented by a mechanized platoon in the attack. The troops participating in the exercise are motivated – emphasized Major Micić assessing that the firing results were very good and excellent and that he was satisfied with the men’s effort in complex weather conditions.

Members of the Fourth Brigade have been at the military complex “Pasuljanske livade“ since 24 November. Solders and commanding officers have undergone training in the combat use of the unit’s primary weapons innear real-life situations.

The training programme includes tactical action and procedure drills in conducting live firing practices by infantry, armoured, mechanized and artillery units. The crown of the entire training is tactical exercises and live fire tactical exercises, such as the one conducted today.
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Live fire tactical exercise "Joint Strike 2020"
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Colonel Novica Petrovic's statement
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Major Ljubiša Micic's statement