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Force protection platoon to be deployed in UNIFIL undergoes training

The Training Command's force protection platoon to be deployed to the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon is currently undergoing training at the Multinational Operations Training Centre at the “South“ base.
This part of preparations includes collective training in circumstances similar to those in the area of operations, and exercise incidents that the platoon is dealing with match situations that the platoon may face while executing their tasks in the mission.
Before being deployed to a peacekeeping operation, intensive training is carried out in classrooms, ranges and SAF’s training areas in order to ensure units’ readiness to execute specific tasks.

The training program includes tactical, fire, physical and medical training as well as international humanitarian law topics, and the focus is on carrying out patrols and securing the base. In the final part of preparations, the force protection platoon will have a three-day tactical exercise where this unit’s training and interoperability will be assessed before its participation in the mission.
The Serbian Armed Forces have been deploying their force protection platoon to the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon since 2014. The main task of our platoon, working within the Italian contingent, is to secure the base where the UN forces are stationed.  
This is one in a series of activities undertaken by the Multinational Operations Training Centre, which is the main location in Serbia where units to be deployed to multinational operations receive collective training.

The Centre’s mission is to provide qualified personnel and adequate conditions for carrying out weapons, tactics, techniques and procedures training for participation in peacekeeping operations, as well as conducting evaluation exercises on modern training grounds, in modern classrooms, trainers and simulators, which make it unique in the region.

It is planned to further develop the Centre until it acquires the status of a regional centre, and finally the status of the Partnership for Peace Centre.
To that end, direct and efficient cooperation has been established with the United States European Command and the Ohio National Guard, through numerous joint activities in Serbia and the US. The results of this cooperation are primarily reflected in the exchange and acquisition of experience related to the development, organisation and operation of training centres. Significant financial assistance has been provided and the most modern training equipment has been procured through a donation from an American partner.
  The key training activities carried out at the Centre are: pre-deployment training conducted by units to be deployed to multinational operations, evaluation exercises for the SAF’s units to be deployed to multinational operations, multinational exercises "Platinum Wolf" and "Cautious Wolf" in which more than 15 partner countries have taken part so far, as well as numerous internationally certified courses delivered by renowned instructors from the Serbian Armed Forces and partner countries (Civilian Experts Pre-Deployment Training Course, Training Instructors Course, Military Observers Course, Staff Officers Course and Contingent Commanders Course).
Training in the Centre is carried out in the form of units/modules that can be built upon and includes functional training in classrooms, crews and teams training carried out at the "Borovac" range, collective training and exercises conducted at the military complex "Rujan" and shooting practices at the multifunctional shooting range "Vrtogoš".

The use of the Centre brings numerous benefits which are reflected in the excellent training of the SAF members, the contribution to security in the region and the world, and the positive economic and financial effects.
The development of the Multinational Operations Training Centre’s facilities significantly contributes to building up Serbia’s reputation, as evidenced by numerous official reports by senior UN officials on the professionalism, quality of preparations, units training and flawless execution of missions and tasks in various UN and EU multinational operations.