Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Serbs must become a single nation in terms of policy

Commenting on numerous texts that appear in the media in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, which state that President Aleksandar Vučić is creating a "Serbian world", "Dušan's Empire" and that the region must be aware of the so-called new "Serbian hegemony", the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin reiterated in the Morning Programme of Prva TV that the President of Serbia is the President of all Serbs.

- The President of Serbia is, must and should be the President of all Serbs. When Tirana calls the Presidents of Municipalities of Bujanovac and Preševo to tell them how to form a local self-government and to tell them to overthrow their Serbian neighbours in Bujanovac for the first time, is that fine? That is not "Greater Albania", that is not hegemony? And when Aleksandar Vučić makes a statement or talks to Serbs in the region or helps Serbs in the region, that is hegemony, that is a "Greater Serbia"? We have apologized enough for the "Greater Serbia". Who are we apologizing to? Yes, we need to create a Serbian world in the sense that Serbs must become a single nation in terms of policy. We must make all key national decisions, decisions about our national issue together - Minister Vulin emphasized.
Minister Vulin says that he does not view the care for Serbs, wherever they live, as interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, and recalls how they treated the Serbian people and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Croatia.

- If we had been smart enough to draw on the map where we lived in two Yugoslavias and to say that the territory where we lived was called Serbia, if we had had the courage and intelligence to do so, we would not be talking about it now, but we did not have the courage and intelligence, and the great powers told us "Everyone can unite, but Serbs cannot". After the revision of the aftermath of the Second World War, Greater Germany united, which is wonderful and it is a good thing that 80 million Germans are in one country again after the two world wars, but God forbid that eight million Serbs unite and live together, that would be a disaster. We have agreed to that lie long enough. I believe that we should create a Serbian world. I would like President Vučić to work on that and I would like for these accusations to be true. And yes, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is the President of all Serbs, regardless of where they live and every time he makes a move, he thinks about how it will affect Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina - said Minister Vulin.

Minister Vulin views the bringing of Boris Milošević to the Knin Fortress to take part in the celebration of the anniversary of operation Storm, in which 250,000 Serbs were expelled from Croatia, as Croatia's message to President Vučić, which says "Croatian Serbs" are not part of a single political space of Serbia and Serbs.

- We are all part of a single political space. We are one people. You cannot make a single decision without thinking about how it will affect other parts of the Serbian people. We do not live in one country by the will of the great powers, not by our will, but we are creating a Serbian world - said Minister Vulin, adding that we should be a single people in terms of policy and have a single political position on all important national issues.